This is the story of the early days, when I knew and decided that  something had to change.  My personal journey in self discovery and how property eventually found me.


According to everyone around me I am one of the privileged South Africans. And I am. Yet how quickly that can all fall apart. I went to a nice school, I went to University right after school, finished my degree on schedule and started a solid job at a great company right after.   The South African dream.  For the first few years everything went well, on schedule, no drama.  I made a lot of money and like most young people without proper financial education, I spent it on really fun holidays, fast cars and beautiful things. The only worthwhile thing I did in this time was to buy my first 2 bed, 1 bath townhouse in Centurion....

2 Kids later, a couple of promotions missed due to being off work while on maternity leave, a twice retrenched husband and I quickly started to feel the pinch.  Salaries can not keep up with general life expenses and I started to think that this "dream" was starting to turn into a nightmare.  The breaking point came when I fell pregnant with my third child and I couldn't stop crying. I knew that our lives would have to change into something I couldn't live with.  I decided that I would never feel that way again about the daughter I always wanted and decided to live my life by design and not by neglect. Go with the flow was history for me.

Not knowing what I was doing or what I was getting myself into, I started 2 businesses. A rabbit business and a kiddies ride machines business. Both failed very quickly and the realities of real life kicked in .... hard....

At roughly the same time my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia and was dependent on me for her medical expenses.  And the nightmare was very vivid every night.  The one lucky thing about me is that I am stupid.  Too stupid to give up and too stupid to just keep quiet and stay in my box. I started looking for an alternative, something that could make a difference in my financial life.

Little things have a way of happening around us and when we are able to join the dots a beautiful picture emerges.  If If I didn't start obsessively talking about doing other businesses, my friend would not have given me the book "Rich dad, Poor dad" and I would not have known who Robert Kiyosaki is, I would not have even looked twice at the google ad for Rich dad education "Legacy Education" when it popped up on google and I would not have taken the first step down the most scary yet exciting journey of my life!

Before I was an accidental buyer of property now it is by design.

So much to tell so little space, come back soon for the next chapter.

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